Friday, January 20, 2006

Dunk this

Antonio Davis was suspended for five games for going into the stands during a game, and Peter Vecsey is upset about this. Peter Vecsey who gets his paychecks signed by the NY Post, an unabashedly biased cheerleader for the neo conservative movement, has the nerve to attempt to speak with some kind of moral authority.
Everyone I know from the right and left complains about the media. It`s either permeated with leftist elitism, financed by a Pro-Zionist cabel or supporting the Military Industrial Complex. When however are we going to take sports journalists to task for their unqualified blow-hard opinions and the shameless hyping of bullsh*t stories. Not only did we have to watch the replay over and over of Antonio Davis jumping in the stands, but we have to listen to guys who never actually played an iota of professional sports except for perhaps that one game of T-Ball back when they were 3. Who is Peter Vecsey to say `Did Antonio consider anybody but himself and his family before taking his misguided tour?` Who was he supposed to consider when witnessing what may be someone getting physical with your wife? He obviously knew the consequences of his actions but did what he thought was necessary in this particular situation. Right or wrong, he is a man first and a basketball player second. I`m sure if I slapped around Peters wife at the offices of the NYpost, he would have no qualms about jumping over a desk to confront me, assuming he actually possesses the nuts to do so.
What kills me is people still think blacks are being sensitive when we complain about how racism is still prevalent in society. Theres this attitude amongst the sports writers, the fans and the NBA that these guys are nothing but million dollar niggers who should jump and do their bidding because they are getting paid to play basketball. It`s a feeling that percolates below every argument and complaint about the NBA; `they should dress up`, `they should raise the league age`, `we`re not going to tolerate them jumping in the stands` Meanwhile you have golf and tennis kids turning pro at 16, the 04 RedSox being celebrated for being bums and Olympic skiers bragging about competing drunk.
It seems that when you give a kid out the ghetto a million dollar contract it gives everyone involved a strange sense of entitlement over that person. And while we are attacking the players relentlessly, maybe some more attention should be turned towards the behavior of these fans. Granted the league does take action when a fan steps over the line, but maybe guys like Peter Vescey should devote a few articles on them instead of the million dollar niggers that keep him employed.


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