Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Here's a tip

I was reading some of the awful posts below that I had been trying to pass off as writing. I think I was half-way done before I mentally threw-up. I don’t know what made me, or anyone for that matter think that people actually give a flying fart about our random musings on the world around us. I certainly could care less about the crap I write let alone whatever drivel some random stranger takes the time to jot down.

But that’s our job as humans...inflate our own egos to the point of delusion. Its amazing how many people have placed an incredibly unrealistic high value on their own self worth when in all actuality, I wouldn’t even spend 5 bucks on a hit man to end their miserable existence. Whatever...we all suck.

Still reading?? Pathetic.

So the baby comes home today and I already had a fight with Mom. I want to have a say in important issues in the baby's life like let’s say CIRCUMCISION, and I feel like I'm already being left out. While I was home she and the doctor decided to prune my son’s penis without my input which probably left me only slightly less pissed off than him after said procedure. Sorry ladies, I just do not feel that as a woman you have the right and/or jurisdiction to embark on a decision of that nature. I'm just not buying the whole 'easily infected' argument she was trying to force feed me like the vapid, group-think human being that she is. Lots of little boys go un-cut and as nasty as little boys are, if this argument held any water there would be an adolescent circumcision epidemic in this country. Every 11 year old male has dug in his nose, scratched his ass, played in the mud and then touched his penis at one time or another. Amazingly we've all lived to be nasty another day which just goes to show you how resilient our genetalia is. Pre-historic un-circumcised man roamed the earth for millions of years in all of his un-cut greatness with the penis never evolving to address the so-called bacteria problem. It wasn’t until pre-historic woman evolved and started forming social groups with other women where they would discuss the penis, that it was determined that maybe the whole turtleneck look is unattractive and maybe we should butcher the most sensitive part on a mans body for the sake of cosmetics.

Basically my son was mutilated because a bunch of superficial women decided that it looks better that way. This was one of the arguments I was hearing from these shallow bitches who were trying to convince me to sexually torture my son.

"Oh I would never suck an uncircumcised dick...That's nasty. "

Here let me do you favor and stick my circumcised one in your mouth. And save the Biblical arguments for someone else because if I'm praying to a God that controls the universe but somehow cares about what happens to my foreskin, then please show me the path to atheism. People believe whatever crap is spoon fed to them by someone who they think is in a position of authority. These same shallow bitches probably sit on the board of Amnesty international and petition the United States to open its doors to African girls in danger of getting their clit snipped. Meanwhile the fate of my boy’s manhood has largely been determined by one of these period having estrogen-Nazis. I would say God help us, but apparently he’s a little busy keeping track of what going on with the tips of our penises.


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