Monday, July 17, 2006

Whats wrong with Isreal, Lebanon and the rest of the world?

I spent the weekend hosting at Sal’s comedy hole, ( while lots of people in Gaza, Israel and Lebanon spent their weekends huddled in bomb shelters, hospitals or relief centers. It’s really easy to complain about life when you have a semblance of normalcy that allows you to bitch and moan about the small stuff we all take for granted. Friday saw me arguing with Mike Yard another comic from Brooklyn, which amused everyone around us as one usually does not witness to Black guys arguing about Israel and U.S foreign policy. I usually don't like expressing my views in public on issues of international politics because of how uninformed the average American Citizen is on these issues. Lucky for me Mike knew what he was talking about, and the few shots of Jaeger I had done did not seriously impair my ability to formulate a coherent argument.

For the record, I truly believe that peace will never come to the Middle East unless there is a partial scale nuclear war or an independence day like extra-terrestrial invasion that forces the human race to cooperate on a scale never before seen. That entire region is fucked and if the world’s economy wasn’t so dependant on oil I'd seriously advocate wiping it and nearly everyone in it off the map so as not to drag slackers like myself down into their psychotic abyss. This is not to say that I put the blame entirely on the shoulders of the Arabs and Muslims. It’s easy to condemn a people and a region when those people and the region are vastly different than us in how they look and how they pray, and far easier to sympathize with the western acting Israelis as their society closely mirrors ours. It’s the attitudes of the Israelis and the American media which sickens me just as much if not more as the legions of suicide bombers, for their one sidedness, their bias and unabashed hypocrisy.

Why is it that it’s kidnapping when Hammas or Hezbolla abducts armed soldiers who are participating in a conflict, but not when Israel locks up Arab citizens including women and children in its jails? Justified or not, calling it a kidnapping elicits images of shadowy armed thugs operating without morals or limitations, while an arrest is seen as a justified action.

Why is it wrong for Iran and Syria to assist Hammas and Hezbolla? It’s repeated so often in the news along with warnings for them to stop that it’s assumed that their assistance amounts to a crime. But it goes without saying that the U.S can and does offer all types of aid to Israel including financial, material and military support. Can you imagine the news reports if Iran gave Hammas hundreds of bunker busting bombs as the US did Israel last year?

Why is the onus on Lebanon to implement the UN Security council resolution to disarm Hezbolla but Israel can completely ignore resolutions directed at them regarding the treatment of Palestinians?

These are just some of the instances of double standards and hypocrisy surrounding this story. I'm just too tired high and lazy to go into further detail. For now I'm just going to be thankful I can go to the store, eat some dead baby chickens and pork, smoke a blunt while not worrying about a missile or a suicide bomber fucking up my week. God bless America, Canada and everywhere else white people live.


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